Product Care

The TSXX Viking (Terry Schiefer) has taken great care into creating your jewellery. To protect your jewellery and contribute to its longevity, there are a few instructions to follow.

Store your jewellery separately and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other. Do not let your jewellery come into contact with household detergents, water (shower), chemical products, cosmetics and take care when spraying perfume.

Neighbouring pieces of jewellery of differing metal, eg. Silver ring next to gold ring, will wear at different rates, so it is advised to keep pieces of the same metal together to avoid excessive wear on the softer items.

Sterling Silver, Gold, Bronze & Plated JewelleryOnce all types of metal pieces are exposed to the atmosphere they may tarnish. To restore the original shine of the surface, we recommend using a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth.

Our silver colour finish on our sterling silver jewellery is likely to tarnish eventually with time and wearing, this is not a manufacturing defect but a property of silver metal. To restore the original brilliance of the surface, we recommend you first use a silver polishing cloth. If this is not sufficient use a silver dip solution (please follow the manufacturer’s instructions) and then finish with the silver polishing cloth.

Oxidised silver pieces contain a ‘formed’ oxide to create the black appearance. Polishing this finish will remove the oxidation and return the piece to bright silver finish, but please be careful when cleaning oxidised silver pieces using a silver polishing cloth, and to remove any wear grease and grime use a detergent and a soft silver polishing cloth.

Stones/Beaded JewelleryJewellery with set stones can be loosened through wear and impact, check the security of any stone set jewellery by shaking the item close to your ear. If there is a slight rattle the stone(s) are no longer secure in their setting and should be checked before any potential loss. Please contact us if you require a setting to be examined via

Grease and grime within stone settings can be removed using an ultrasonic cleaner or warm water mixed with mild detergent solution; it is wise to put the items into a basket (or sieve) for easy location and removal. Avoid doing this with pearls of other porous stones.

Diamonds & Precious Stones: We advise against wearing it when in contact with extreme temperatures and rugged services. Stones may become loose over time and we recommend periodic examinations to assess the security of settings. Gentle cleaning is recommended with non-abrasive jewellery cleaner and we advise against ultrasonic cleaning. To clean diamond jewellery, we recommend gentle brushing with a mild solution of one part ammonia to six parts water. White gold can be cleaned in the same way as yellow gold. Since white gold is not truly a white metal it is possible that in years to come the item, in particular the rings shank may take on a dulled tone. When this occurs the ring can simply be re-rhodium plated and it will look brand new.